Monday, June 9, 2014

Why not your voice?

Anonymous asks, "Ok, a serious question. Why didn't pirate101 use your voice for One-eyed Jack, or at least gave us a "team Friendly" option so we could pick who's voice we'd hear?
Yes i know they hired professional voice actors and yes they did a great job. But that is the only thing i would change on the game because i think it's missing and it would not destroy the magic of the game (the illusion, the setting, or whatever you want to call it), it would be an improvement. A tongue-in-cheek moment that only we would get maybe, but it would be really great."

I actually pitched really hard to our sound team to please let me be the voice of Salty Ned, who gives away One-Eyed Jack's ruse.  I just thought it would have been exactly what you're talking about there -- a tongue-in-cheek moment that only people who knew me would get. Unfortunately they already had a guy, and he had a great pirate voice for the part. The check was cut, the voice had been approved, and the deal was done, so I was out of luck.

I have auditioned for voice parts in the past, but it just hasn't happened for me yet. YET! I'm on a mission to make that happen. hehe. :)

I do appreciate the support!  Thanks for cheering on Team Friendly!

Happy Dueling

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Chrissy The Blesser said...

Keep pitching there. I was a DJ at two different Christian stations, on e in Ohio and one in Southern CA and I loved doing the commercials and on Saturday mornings I was part of a kid's show with a Character called Captain Shippy and I was "First mate" Wow I am just remembering that I voiced a seafairer back then. Anyway I also created the sound effects and the whole show was a blast and I couldn't recommend it higher. Keep pushing for it, The memories will be worth more than gold when it finally happens.
Keep that golden voice warmed up, I have the utmost confidence in you.
Blessings and giggles on ya
Chrissy The Blesser