Monday, January 20, 2014

Awesome Thing #38 -- Memories of Farming the Ravens

There was a season (or two) where the prime farming spot for all the high level people (and their low level friends) was the final battle of Grizzleheim with the Ravens.

It was like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow . . . I guess both figuratively and literally in this instance. And everyone would flock there and grind the Ravens over and over and over. It wasn't so much the actual gold amount they dropped, but the number of bazaar/vendor sellable drops that you would get from them after defeating them.

The basic strategy was to blade the Storm Wizard up for a round and a half, use a convert spell on the storm boss, and hit that flock of vultures with a big ol' nasty tempest or stormlord spell.

And we'd make our decks super short and tight to ensure we got the spells we wanted and did that over and over and over . . . and over. Good times. We all started calling them the "Raven$$" and made out like wizzy bandits, which was awesome.

Happy Dueling


cactusflinthead said...

That fight is why I made a life wizard. I had a habit of being in the hot seat and as a fire wizard without some support I was meat on a stick. The life wizard was bound and determined to hit the death bird. So instead of blading the storm with us the balance had to revive me. The life wiz was deleted from our list and Angus Greenthorn was enrolled.

Swordroll said...

This was great! I remember sending all kinds of requests to Mercenaries For Hire for these guys. Lots of gold to be had, good drops, cool wands - lots of fun!