Saturday, January 11, 2014

Awesome Thing #29 -- Golem Minion

It took me a while to discover the Golem Minion -- Once you play a Myth character, though, you start to realize what a wonderful thing this zero pip cost minion is (or not . . . I'm sure its easy to miss the beauty of this ugly little guy). That in itself is super unique: Myth gets THE ONLY zero pip minion, and you know, sometimes it is the seemingly weak spells that can by the most useful.

Once you cast that you get a Living Puppet minion that helps you out in battle for the mana cost of absolutely free.

On his own, as long as you have agro, you're pretty much assured he will continue to chuck out little one pip spells and live on, nipping away at someone's life (and understandably, if you're setting up a series of traps, he may not be the best candidate for your deck), but my favorite use of him was with Angus's Sacrifice Minion spell. In fact, the golem minion + sacrifice minion + tempest got Angus through a good chunk of Krokotopia and Marleybone if I remember right.

So, trust me LOL, he's awesome.

Happy Dueling


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, totally agree with you there. At first, when I got him, I was like 'meh' as he doesn't look very special and has little or no health but then discovered the benefits of him as shield, him as shield breaker and him as health boost.

If the other guy hits him then they are not hitting you and having him as a little reservoir of health with the sacrifice minion spell has been a god send.

Just wish he was also available to my Balance wizard :)

Anonymous said...

I agree though I started to get more annoyed when a hit all enemies spell was cast by the other guy :(

Stingite said...

@Anon: nice! There's always treasure cards! :)

@2nd anon: Yup, that'd be the end of him. :)