Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Awesome Thing #44 -- Toy Trains

I may be overblowing these toy trains a bit, but for some reason I love 'em!

The large one is crafted and the small one is farmed up from the Gurtok Barrier Demon, who stockpiles these things by the bajillions apparently. They make a sound when you're near them and have a small puff of steam coming out of the top of them.

I've dedicated a whole room to them in my player housing.

I guess in a way they remind me of my dad. He seemed to always want to get into toy trains. I think he liked them as a kid, and one Christmas he went a little crazy and bought this gigantic train set mounted on a huge sheet of wood, and this thing sat in our basement taking up precious realestate for YEARS.

Dang, the only old picture of the toy train I could find is mostly showing me in a bear blanket trying to scare our dog.

He had plans to decorate the whole sheet of wood with tiny trees and miniature landscape, but it never really worked out, and my cousin stepped on the train and broke it. I know this because of a page in my journal from the time.

It was kind of a big deal.

Anyway, eventually the toy train was scrapped for a pool table and life got an upgrade. Good times those are! And because they cue memories, spout steam, and make my death house sound a bit spooky and distant with their train sounds . . . they're awesome!

Happy Dueling


Anne Radcliffe said...

I love the toy trains too, but my favorite 'toys' in Wizard101 are the playable(!) musical instruments, especially the piano. Completely amazing and intriguing! The other toy I especially love (though much harder to come by) is the snow globe. I have just one, and my youngest daughter keeps begging me to give it to her. But I just love the snow globe making it snow in the yard of my Grizzleheim house too much!

Garrett Dayhand said...

I'm glad to see that this blog is still somewhat active. This game has so many memories for me from 2009 and 2010, it's a shame that we all move on. I guess everyone moves on eventually, you, Alia, Amber,and everyone else. These memories will last a lifetime for us all; age is no barrier for us.

~~~Garrett Dayhand, the Prince of All Conjurers