Sunday, January 19, 2014

Awesome Thing #37 -- Feint

You know it . . . you love it . . . you use it on every boss fight!! Mages and Evokeresses, please give it up for FEINT!

Coinciding right along with a recommendation of taking "ice to tower" as I was saying yesterday . . . how many times have I recommended taking "death to feint"?


I'm sure I've recommended it countless times, AS HAVE YOU, gentle gentle reader. It's a must have for those boss fights and who hasn't used at least one or two variants of the feint card when going for their million hit badge, eh? I mean +70 to damage is so super sexy that it's entirely worth the curse trap back on yourself. SO worth it!

Gotta love that feint trap. It's awesome.

Happy Dueling!

1 comment:

flash33 said...

Eh, I've never needed feint personally in all honesty on my fire and myth wizards.

It's a nice trap for sure, but the extra 30% trap that's placed on me just doesn't seem worth it to me in all honesty, so there's that at least.

Note that I do sometimes use it when trying to set up for very big hits, but in my normal gameplay, I just don't use it personally.