Sunday, January 12, 2014

Awesome Thing #30 -- Mr. Personality

I actually have a unique blog tag for this guy he's that awesome.

Mr. Personality

. . . and I'll never forget how disappointed I was when KingsIsle made the Balloon Car rides optional. HA! Imagine if those transition phases were more popular than they were? We probably would have had a lot more of them in the game, which from this point of view wouldn't be so bad. Speaking of which, I like the dragonfly ride in the Bee House, it's like a kick back to these rides in my mind . . . only with much more looping and soaring. :) But less Mr. Personality. :(

He hasn't changed, but I have. :D

If anything, Mr. Personality's Balloon Car Ride gives us a wonderful view of this floating city, doesn't it?


Happy Dueling

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