Thursday, January 9, 2014

Awesome Thing #27 -- Tempest

I don't think I've used any other Storm spell quite as much. It's my instant go to for clearing the battle circle whenever I'm playing Kyle or Angus. Not discounting all the other great Storm spells there are out there, but . . . it's a game changing spell in so many different ways. In a sense, level 28 will always be the level I strive for when playing a Storm Wizard, simply because TEMPEST IS AWESOME!

It's all . . . I'm gonna get ya!

. . . and now you're gone.

And that wasn't even an impressive hit . . . remember this? hehe . . . that was back before spell damage was capped . . . you know . . . when you could hit for 50 million and stuff with Tempest.

AND REALLY, at the end of the day, it's the versatility of the X pip AOE Spell that makes it, well, possibly the best card in the game.

No lie, it's awesome.

Happy Dueling!

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