Saturday, January 18, 2014

Awesome Thing #36 -- Tower Shield

What's the best shield of them all in game? Why the one that's universal and obtainable by everyone! Wizards and Sorceresses, please give it up for . . . TOWER SHIELD!

It's part of the essential cards for those who don't "specialize" in a certain class and choose another class as their secondary and train uni-laterally in one direction . . . how many times have I recommended "Ice to Tower" as proper strategy?


I'm sure many more times than that . . . and I'm sure you've recommended the same to countless people as I have, smart reader! And even if you haven't, I'm sure you've stuffed a sideboard full of Tower Shield treasure cards before. Fess up!

It's the easy go to shield that I'm sure has been cast millions of times. Billions of times? Sounds like a question for Madame Vadima. ;)

Any way you slice it, a shield that saves you from -50% damage, no matter the type (and not figuring in that nasty piercing mechanic) is . . . simply awesome.

Happy Dueling!

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