Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Awesome Thing #33 -- Memories of Oyotomi Farming

I guess the main reason I put down Oyotomi farming here is because it's a throw back to the good old days when Mooshu was king and it used to be something I'd recommend all the time to people.

The only real pain was the trip to get to him . . . but really how painful is a trip through beautiful mooshu over a few zones. Not painful at all.

Oyotomi himself was pretty much a push over, and didn't have very high dps, PLUS, much like the Kraken, he was out in the open and available for farming by groups . . . which made Oyotomi the Kraken Pad of the high level players. Unfortunately Oyotomi seems a bit forgotten now aside from the black lotus farmers who scoop up the reagents near Oyotomi. There's other more profitable places to farm now for sure.

BUT still . . . it's the memories of Oyotomi farming that are the most awesome to me . . . the random strangers I'd meet there and the quest for gold cap and something to do while waiting for an expansion. He was still a good farm even when Dragonspyre came out.

And because of all this, he's awesome.

Happy Dueling

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