Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Awesome Thing #39 -- The Lava Bridge in The Labyrinth

I think one of the most memorable instances for me in Wizard101 is the Labyrinth in Dragonspyre. It's just one of those dungeons whose memory sticks on you and won't leave (especially given how many times we crashed through this dungeon) -- and that's a good thing for me. I like haunting levels that have some kind of gag to them, and the lava bridge in The Labyrinth is definitely one of those areas.

At first you come to what appears to be an impassable lake of lava . . . impressive in its own right.

Eventually you get a key that magically lowers the lava levels and creates a pathway for you to walk through to get to the other side, and standing there with a wall of lava on either side of you, is probably one of my most favorite locations in the game.

I spent some time last night trying to construct a kind of tribute to this dungeon in Neverwinter, and . . . wow that's a lot of work, but it was kind of fun.

Recreating the lava bridge gag would be pretty difficult to do with the limited tool set you're given in the Foundry system -- but if I ever get something even close to playable, I'll have to let you know.


LISTEN . . . the Lava Bridge in The Labyrinth is awesome. XD

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