Monday, January 6, 2014

Awesome Thing #24 -- Krampus

Krampus? Yup, that evil goat legend from Christmas tales across the sea where bad boys and girls who didn't live up to their shining Christmas selves would be tormented by said evil goat . . . is now a fire spell in Wizard101. ;)

You can get it from the Yuletide Pack or from the Loremaster (as I talked about yesterday), and it's awesome!

Happy Dueling

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Anne Radcliffe said...

Where I live, 'Krampus' is better known as 'Belsnickle', having large German population from early on in this region. :) Krampus is a very cool spell indeed, and I shall be visiting the loremaster again when I get a chance to play Wizard. Thanks for the info!