Friday, January 10, 2014

Awesome Thing #28 -- Pigswick Schools and Professors

Wysteria has a certain charm to it that seems to hail back to a more light-hearted time in the Spiral, and I've always been really fond of the school names and the oddball professors in this world. Let's take a look:

Teaching for the School of Spirit, Edna Fuligin.

Teaching the School of Equilibrium, Velma Pepper.

Teaching the School of Frost, Quentin Burble.

Teaching the School of Chaos, Heironimus Bunch.

Teaching the School of Tempest, Thaddeus Price.

Teaching the School of Ember, Ankhu.

And finally . . . the disgruntled Professor for the School of Earth, Chester Droors.

HA! I love it and every time I play through Wysteria, I think about how different this game would be if you were taught here . . . or perhaps if your Witchdoctor trainer was a dropout from the School of Spirit ;) (**NOTE: I was just being funny here and riffing off of Vadima's Lore. The rumor of being expelled vs. being a drop out would be two entirely different things. No doubt, Vadima is awesome in her own right, but this is a Wizard101 list, not a Pirate101 list, eh?)

And because they contain this much awesomeness, they're on the list.

Happy Dueling!


Edward Lifegem said...

I love Pigswick Schools and the Professors. When KI first release this world I knew I'd love it. It reminds me of when I first join Wizard101 and entered Wizard City. :) I hope one day they teach us spells if y'all build on to that world like you did with Grizzle.

Anonymous said...

Love punny names and Chester Droors was a sheer delight/