Monday, February 16, 2009

What's next?

Well, it's time to reflect on what's been going on lately. I have a few insights and I feel like gabbing, so I hope this ends up coherent. I'm sure it will.

So Thomas Lionblood (version 1) is now wrapping up all those little lingering things that he didn't finish on the way to defeating Malistaire. There was a matter of killing 15 undead draconians--a little quest that he had left unfinished--and he still needs to find all his stone roses. These will go quickly. If I devoted some time to it today, it'd be all done for sure, leaving him with two last training points to spend. As far as secondary schools, Thomas (version 1) went all the way up the Myth tree and snagged earthquake. Then Thomas started working the balance side and ended up getting his blade and his trap and if I spend the last two points in balance, I will end up getting the sandstorm AOE, which is kind of what I wanted. I always thought it would be cool to end up with Earthquake, Humongofrog, and Sandstorm for AOEs, and that may end up happening. On the other hand, I'm tempted to buy the myth spell that trades your minion for 4 pips. To make it effective, I'd probably have to only use it when the pet was either in certain doom or when I had cast the lowest level dark sprite pet. It seems like a lot of positioning and bargaining to get that card played. /shrug

Now you may be wondering why I keep saying "version 1" after Thomas Lionblood. Yup, there's a version 2 . . . hereafter Thomas Lionblood version 2 will only be known as "The Evil Twin" or "the non-friendly necromancer." mUHAHAHAHAa! *ahem* sorry about that. Here's a great picture of the level 10 necromancer and (now introducing) Isiah Taleslinger . . . a level 7 or so myth caster who is actually sporting an Orthrus pet. AN ORTHRUS PET? What the? Yeah, I thought it would be ultra-cool to have one of these bad boys, so I actually went out of my comfort zone (it was pretty brazen of me to ask for this) and asked Kingsisle for one. haha! Guess what . . . they gave me two of them (one on my son's character and one on Isiah here) and said thanks for all the blogging, how cool is that? Thank you, Kingsisle. It's actually kind of embarrassing to have this pet out because I ALWAYS GET STOPPED and people comment on the pet. What did I expect, eh? It is a freaking cool pet. I think I will probably keep it stashed a lot until I hit the bosses of Krokotopia.

So you all may be seeing Isiah and Thomas (version 2) running around the spiral in the near future and hear me talking about them here.

Also, Amber Deathsong and Kyle Skystaff . . . what's up with them? Amber and Kyle are going to be making a comeback here soon. I've discovered that when my kids play the game they prefer to run around goofing off in Wizard City (making new characters to do the easy quests) more than they like to go do actual quests for progression. They probably are just a touch too young for this game to be honest. My kids have also been really into the game, Spore (I have to admit, it's a fun game) and it's the same there . . . they like playing with the ameoba state more than anything.

So I will most likely be taking up the reins again for Amber and Kyle and will be finishing moo shu, if not dragonspyre, with them so my kids can have unrestricted access with all the power that are level 50 characters. I still have a bunch of "video journals" that are just waiting to be filmed for these two kids. Kyle has been faithfully helping Thomas Lionblood (version 1) kill stuff in Dragonspyre. (It's so nice to have some DPS on that second account.)

So that's all the news that's fit to print on this end. I'm continuing to play Wizard 101, and there's plenty to do here. I'm still thinking about what I could do for event ideas for my more faithful readers. Stay tuned and . . .

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

That's the same as my kids they play spore as well!But also play wizard 101

Tipa said...

Wow, so that's how you got that pet ><

-- an anonymous, non-special pet owning, Wizard 101 blogger :)

mr mysterious said...

I have a blog that I just released called the pyromancer's den.But you can't find it by using Google!Even if you also type wizard 101 and blogspot together in it,you still can't get in, so I'm leaving the link here.

Stingite said...

Cool. I've added you to the Friendly's MMO Bloggers Club!