Saturday, February 7, 2009

Oh! The Test Server is so Friendly!

Well, since it was available, I went to go check out the new stuff on the test server. It really is like going on a trip. *waves bye from the side of a cruise ship headed to the test server*

"I'll send pictures ok?!"

"Ok, bye" says Random_loved_one_01 (awesome NPC)


"It's ok! I'll call the fire department," says Random_loved_one_01


"Have fun! And try not to contract any diseases!" says Random_loved_one_01

"What the?!"

"Just kidding, but not . . . I hear there might be a lot of bugs" says Random_loved_one_01

"It's ok! I have a button to protect me!"

(Random_loved_one_01 mumbles) "yeah, you better keep it buttoned."



*ocean waves*

*cue Thomas's internal dialog*

Wow, here I am at the test server. That was a long download. I wonder who this strange tour guide is?

Oh, she's just a confused student . . . well, someone will help her I'm sure. Let me just go hide around the corner from her. HEY! Wow! This dimension has a fantastic water thingy . . . uh . . . what do you call those things . . . splashy cement enclosure? . . . no, that's not it . . . Giant wet bowl of squirty fun? . . . no . . . a fountain! That's what those are called . . . weird.

Huh, the sign in front of this fountain just says, "coming soon." I hope I'll be able to throw a few coins in and get something good in return. That would be a great way to get some of the virtual money out of the game and out of people's backpacks.

hmmm, I remember seeing that hot Kiersten chick over by Valentia the other day.

Nope, all I have are memories . . . a picture really does last longer doesn't it? Well, I guess I better see what she has for sale . . . HOLY WOW LOOK AT THAT!

NICE ONE! They totally put different levels of wands in here. Finally, it's no fun buying a low level wand for just decoration purposes only. I'd actually break that out once in a while . . . especially if the effect rocks. Too bad I don't have this foreign "crown" currency to work with so I could actually buy one of those.

Oh! I heard something about Zeke having new stuff on the test server (huff puff huff puff)

*much running and portal surfing to get to zeke's place*


Oh dang. Too bad I don't have this foreign "crown" currency to work with so I could actually buy one of those. OH WAIT! The pets are for sale for gold (I have that currency here sure enough) down at the first vendor in Dragonspyre! Now I can go take a cute picture over by Valentina with one of those dogs.

I better put that in my backpack to send to her. OHHHhhhh . . . look at the stuff in my backpack that was upgraded over here!

Wow. Looks like that shockblade of the hoarder has some charges on it now to. Awesome!

I hope everyone back home is busy with their . . .



Anonymous said...

how do i download the test client ?

Stingite said...

Hey, Dragon!

You log into the website and download the test program by clicking on the red ribbon on the upper right hand corner that says, "sneak peek." then just run that program instead of your Wizard 101 program and log in like you normally would.

Tipa said...

Argh! I have a post going up tomorrow that covers the SAME THINGS!!!

Oh well, I'll still do it. Copying from Thomas the Friendly is no shame, it's an homage :)

Anonymous said...

LOL This is a very entertaining and informative post. Thanks =]

Stingite said...

YOU! are welcome. ;-)