Monday, February 23, 2009

Friendly is sick ...

I tried everything I could do: voodoo, airborne, garlic around the neck, .... Nothing could protect me from this creeping crud that has infested my home. High fevers, pnuemonia like symptoms . . . in fact, my son had it so bad the doctor declared it pnuemonia and put him on some anti-biotics. I thought I could beat it. I was wrong.

I'm debating going to work.

Things seem to be ok if I just sit very still and let the fever fester. Oh this is a cruel sickness indeed. I imagine the bug that is doing this to me looks a little bit like this little dude from spore.

It just feels like it's going to evolve into a vicious carnivorous society bent on conquering the universe.

Happy Non-sick Dueling.


Tipa said...

Ugh... I'm sorry you're sick :(

Get well soon!!!!

Wizard City needs you!

Anonymous said...

Get well soon. I'll ask Moolinda to whip up a healing tonic for you.

Anonymous said...

=[ I hope you and your family gets well soon!

Stingite said...

Thank you all for your well wishes! It was nice to sleep in and I think I'll go back to work tomorrow, coughing, but back to work.

I had a little fun on Wizard 101 today while sick. So, it's not all bad.