Thursday, February 26, 2009

Video Journal Moo Shu . . . Day 8

It's amazing what you can push through in Wizard 101 in that hour or so before work when you cut a few corners here and there with your morning routine . . . things like, oh, don't take quite as long of a shower . . . or maybe try eating your breakfast during battle sequences instead of when you usually do . . . or how about getting your bag and work stuff ready early . . . that kind of stuff.

Well that's exactly what I did this morning, and I finished the Shirataki Temple instance with my kid's characters in and hour and 10 minutes. So I suppose it was 10 minutes off my regular routine I shaved (or didn't shave *rubs face*) there.

And now, the video journal . . .

That's one Amber Deathsong and one Kyle Skystaff dancing in the Plague Oni's room, chillin' like villians.

(By the way, has anyone noticed that the Moo Shu books aren't giving lore anymore? Maybe it's just me? If it happens again on the next book I think I'll bug report it.)

Happy Dueling!

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