Friday, February 6, 2009

Exclusive from the Test Realm

Ok, so . . . check this . . . It's the esteemed Kiersten Samwell's character on the test realm standing next to Valentina, the new NPC. I mean, Valentina is cute and all, but HEY CHECK OUT THAT GIRL NEXT TO HER! *WHISTLES* She's even sporting a new kind of dog pet. I mean . . . *passes out*

She's getting a Valentine's day card from me for sure!

So . . . ahem . . . sorry . . . WAY DISTRACTED.

So, yeah, the test realm is opening its doors again . . . uh . . . TODAY! yes, Today! Here's the information:

The time has come for us to call on you, our subscribers, to adventure in the Test Realm. Starting February 6th, the Test Realm will re-open for you to explore new additions we have made to Wizard101.

Visit Valentina Heartsong in the Wizard City Shopping District, then see what new items Zeke has for sale in Wizard City and Dragonspyre! Meet a new student; Penny Dreadful, and find out how you can help her. Explore and adventure to find more additions to the worlds of the spiral.

Remember, if you find a bug in the Test Realm, just click the little bug report button in the upper left and fill out the form.

What you do in the Test Realm will not affect your live characters in any way.

For more information about who can play on the Test Realm, and how to access it, please visit our Sneak Peek Page.

So, there you go . . . go have fun in the test realm! Maybe you'll see that awesome lady with the new dog running around. *heartbeat*

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

LOL Thomas...
Thanks for the Information

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