Monday, February 23, 2009

Sick day = pets

Well, despite being sick, I managed to get two new pets for Thomas Lionblood.

1- Mister Peanut.

You know, I was wondering why I had seen everyone and their dog with one of these cyclops lately. I *thought* I had finished the Penny Dreadful quests and was disappointed because I hadn't got a pet, AND I had remembered somewhere reading that you get a pet after doing her quests. Silly me, I hadn't checked back with Zeke. If you were like me and *thought* you had finished the penny dreadful quests and didn't get anything more than a couple gold and a lot of regrets . . . go check Zeke! At the end of the quest you can get your own Mister Peanut or Baby Abbey as the case may be.

2- Madame Ellie

She's a beauty, ain't she.

So I had never finished up my Sword Saint badge for killing Youkai at the end of the Tree of Life Instance.

This imp is a charmer. He's a Life Boss that's fond of casting death shields and has more hit points than the Jade Oni. Luckily I had brought my trusty sidekick along . . . MR. KYLE SKYSTAFF WOOT! Thank you son for having a completely cool storm wizard.

Low and behold, after sending this imp back to the abyss, he coughed up Ellie. Not bad, not bad.

. . . and now I return to my coughing and sore throat . . .

Happy non-sick dueling!

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