Friday, February 20, 2009

14 Wands!

I had some fun digging around in Thomas Lionblood's backpack and bank the other day and got a wild hair to video all of the random wands I've collected. I also took the opportunity to extend the Techno Jam of Tipa's recorder musings and use it as the background music. Enjoy!

I know, I know . . . 14 wands, big deal. Hey, a collection has to start somewhere!

Happy Dueling!


Tipa said...

Very cool :)

You make Michael Praetorius sound good!

Stingite said...

haha! In your honor of course.

Anonymous said...

Is that the boulevard place?

Stingite said...

hehe. Yeah. I was looking for somewhere quiet to do some footage of the wands. And what better target than gobblers? :p