Friday, February 20, 2009

5493585 Damage . . . no lie

I read about it here at Wizard 101 Central.

This is just the last 2:50 of his video setting up all the damage cards. The big number jumps out during the last 30 seconds or so of the video.

According to the thread, here's the trap/blade order he did to do this amount:

Myth trap
Treasure myth trap
Booster pack Myth Trap
Amulet Myth Trap
Spirit Trap
Treasure Spirit Trap
Booster pack Feint
Booster Pack Curse
Booster Pack Hex
Storm Prism
Storm Trap
Elemental Storm Trap
Booster Pack Elemental Trap
Elemental Trap
Treasure Elemental Trap
Booster pack Elemental Trap
Balance blade
Booster pack balance blade
Crown gear Balance blade
Elemental blade
Treasure Elemental Blade
Storm Blade

The finishing hit was down with Wild Bolt with a Monstrous treasure card applied.

Oh . . . my . . . goodness.

So that was like five bucks worth of booster pack cards, but the name Alex Pearlrider is now off the charts in Wizard 101. Nice job, Alex.


Tipa said...

That's wild :P

Tipa said...

which reminds me, I did a spreadsheet so I could figure out the effect of my gear on my damage. I need to make a post, but upshot is, the only reason to ever use a spell outside your school is if the opponent is resistant to you. Fire Elf was the most efficient of all my available out-of-school, single target damage spells. Judgment in the hands of a balance wizard is the most powerful card in the game.

Gear choices increased my average damage per round from 139 to about 149, a ten point jump, but I had to sacrifice a ton of health and mana. A 3-pip tree dud card is more powerful in my hands than a storm shark, given power pips and differences in accuracy and primary school damage boosts.

The surprising thing is that wearing the best available gear -- crown gear -- only increased my damage by 10 damage/round.

Okay I need to make a post about it, and include the spreadsheet.

Anonymous said...

Oh I remember this. Thnx for posting the video. I couldn't find it =P

Stingite said...

@brenda: sounds like a wicked awesome spreadsheet! Can't wait to check out that data.

@Cheyenne: yeah, this is a good one. People are swearing that this record will be beaten. I guess we have to just wait and see!