Thursday, August 26, 2021

Double Punchy FTW in 7D2D -- #Blaugust2021 Day 26

The other day when I was playing with my buddy, Lessah, she showed me the ultimate 7 days to die strat -- at least for now -- against the Blood Moon invasion: Double Punchy.

Day 70, Blood Moon in full swing

Basically you build a pathway upwards to you that zombies will climb. When they get to the top, you have an impact turret punch them back down . . . preferably into a big sea of spikes.  Then all you really need to worry about is your back, which also happens to be an ocean of spikes. It worked incredibly well when she showed me, and it also worked incredibly well when I recreated it by myself.

Max'ed Intellect. Max'ed Electrocutioner, Max'ed Robotics inventor.

Since I had already gone down the Intellect skill tree to max my Stun Baton weapon skills, it also wasn't too hard to just finish out the Robotics Inventor line so I could put down two impact turrets for Blood Moon. With those and my sea of spikes, I was good to go. Double Punchy strat was all I needed to last hour after hour in the same spot.

Let's take a look at the progression of Day 70's Blood Moon in pictures.

1- 12:30am -- After a couple hours of double punchy strat, most of the spikes on the edges were completely gone. The poor hapless zombies would jump up, and either I'd shoot 'em or double punchy would knock them back down.

Come to me, hapless zombie!

2- 2:00am -- They were still coming -- it's pretty much an endless stream the whole night at this point. I had a few try to get behind me, but I didn't have a problem spinning around while double punchy took care of what was in front of me.

lemme just casually reload here in complete safety. 

3- 3:00am -- Most of the spikes were just completely munched up and the loot bags were starting to pile up at the base. Double punchy was totally fine. No repairs needed. They did all seem to be taking a really similar pathway toward me at this point.

Hey, why don't you walk up here, so double punchy can knock you back down?

4- 4:00am -- The blood moon was finally over and that sea of loot demanded I use an eye candy buff and take a look inside each of those delicious lootbags. Double Punchy had done its job to the fullest, and it was all done, safe and sound, behind their rock 'em sock 'em metal fists.

That's a lot of loot bags!

Big thanks to Lessah for teaching me the strat. I would have never really tried it on my own. Shooting down on them from above seemed far safer, but this was incredibly efficient. 

After this I finished the Tier 5 quest to cleanse Higashi Tower of all zombie life. It demanded a rematch. Come to find out the Double Punchy strat works great for dealing with the irradiated zombies as well! I was able to finish that one up, and imagine my surprise when a Rank 5 Steel Club showed up as a quest reward. That's Lessah's favorite weapon!

Rank 5 Steel Club . . . YOINK!

I think she'll be happy to see that the next time she logs in. :)

Happy Dueling!

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Nimgimli said...

It's the 7D2D / Orcs Must Die crossover episode! :)