Monday, June 21, 2021

Pirate101 -- taking inventory and talking options

Ever since the new update to Pirate101, I've been really feeling the pull to play more, so to those ends I've been taking a bit of inventory on where I last left my heroes. 

- Friendly Thomas, my witchdoctor (also my main character), has a huge inventory of side quests sitting in his quest log, and I'd love to clear a few of those out . . . especially the ones that give companion training points! He has an absolutely enormous crew of companions . .  most not max level. Thomas himself is max level, but I'm not fully happy with his gear situation.

Friendly Thomas

- Wicked Faith, my musketeer, is still sitting in Cool Ranch . . . right where Vanessa Mythdust and myself left off after a bout of Pirate101 Twitch Streaming that happened, oh, four or five years ago?  I love her name and playing up a musketeer would be awesome.

Wicked Faith

- Reckless Leo Jenkins, my swashbuckler, is still being reckless and low level. Also, love his name . . . totally worthy of leveling at some point.

Reckless Leo Jenkins

- Sly Kai, my buccaneer, is still hanging out in Mooshu at level 50 with his pink sombrero. He's pretty amazing . . . I should try to push him out of Marleybone and into Aquila. 

Sly Kai

- And finally, Bad Pedro Pace, my Privateer on the second account. The best thing about this is that he could easily heal any of those alts as a second box account. So let's talk Bad Pedro Pace!

Ding 70! Bad Pedro Pace

Recently I was tweeting about how I finished up the final boss fight in Florenza with Bad Pedro. Afterwards, Bad Pedro found himself in pretty much the exact same situation that Friendly Thomas found himself back in 2018 -- about 3 quests away from hitting max level. That kind of settled it for me . . . out of all the things I could do, the thing I most want to do is get Pedro to max level. 

Can I just take a moment to say how great turn-based games like Pirate101 are for blogging? Playing and writing at the same time is totally the way to go. I've finished up all his quests and dinged all while typing this blogpost! Try to do that while playing DCUO!

So now that I'm level 70, I can do the new Sinbad quests, and with any luck I can get the gear sorted out between Bad Pedro Pace and Friendly Thomas at the same time.

Anyway, just have to say how weirdly familiar it all feels to sit at my desk and play Pirate101. This game was absolutely my life for a period of time, you know? It seriously makes me itch to do some livestreaming again. 

Happy Dueling!

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