Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Sinbad and the return of Pirate101!

Pirate101 . . . it's the game that got me into the gaming industry back in 2012 with a simple phone call from Fred Howard to tell me . . . you've interviewed for enough positions at KingsIsle, and we have the perfect role for you: Community Manager for Pirate101. BAM! So much changed for me in that moment!

We did great things for that game and launching Pirate101 was an amazing amount of work that I'm incredibly proud of. Ultimately, it didn't get quite as much fanfare as Wizard101, but the game is solid. While I'm not a part of KingsIsle anymore, I STILL love Pirate101, and how do I know I still love it?  Because today I logged in and played the first new quest update they've had in (insert titanic-64-years-meme-picture here). If there was ever a time to return to revisit your pirates, now is the time!

~~Spoilers below!!~~

When I logged in, Gandry himself directed me to Avery's Court to see a crew of stranded pirates.

Albano straight up calling me the "Second Best" Pirate in the Spiral

Albano, Ratty Piper, and Toombs were there to represent the WWE . . . I mean Sinbad the pirate. As the story goes, Sinbad and his crew were ambushed by the Crushers and they stole the Belt of Champions for the title of Best Pirate in the Spiral. 

While on the hunt for the Crusher's hideout you stumble into Poffo, a mean shark wrestler who wanted to throw down against my Fin Dorsal companion.

Shark Week has never been this good

After another battle with some vulture pirates you eventually stumble into a cat named Fliehr (an homage to Ric Flair most certainly . . . you see the theme by now lol) who also wants to throw down with you. Lucky Jack Russel was all about that dog vs. cat life and made quick work of him.

Time to get nicked, Ric

Finally you arrive at the best pun of the entire new quest line . . . the Crush-tacian himself who's all about the Crushamania!

Hulk Hogan never posed so perfectly

The Crush-tacian was perfectly fine with handing over the belt, but that wasn't the real worry. The real worry was a call from Sinbad up ahead to victory! Apparently you and Albano were just serving as a distraction while Sinbad made away with the Belt. At which point he abandons his crew and the Crush-tacian's gang and all of a sudden you have to survive a 3 faction rumble where you're enemy number one!

Hoooo boy . . . that's a lot of enemies . . .

That fight made me wish I had run it with 3 other pirates on my team instead of solo!  I didn't mind shelling out Crowns to hire some henchmen to finish it off . . . and yes, I needed those henchmen to finish it off.  I was totally unprepared for that.

Plucky Portia Marozzo the Swashbuckler Henchman to the rescue!

Rowdy Ratty Piper was surprisingly tough, but at the end, I was standing as the victor of the brawl and poor Albano was feeling a bit abandoned by Sinbad. Albano let on that the belt is great for stroking egos, but the belt has a different purpose all together, and that's to find, as he calls it, "a fabulous treasure, greatest in the Spiral." Even better, Albano will help you get it . . . "it" being . . . The Eye of the Liger!

Consider my interest piqued!

Playing through this quest this morning pretty much solidified in my mind how much I love and have missed playing Pirate101. It's such a great game. While I was online, RZ, a streamer and mega fan of Pirate101, invited me to drop by his stream and say hello.  I may just have to do that.

Happy Dueling!

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