Thursday, June 24, 2021

Pirate101 and my 2021 Quest to Clear the 2012 Quests

I've been logging on Pirate101 for an hour here, an hour there, and just trying my best to start clearing out this amazing backlog of side quests. It's honestly ridiculous how many I've just skipped and left to gather dust over time. 30+ pages of side quests . . . I'm not even kidding.

I decided to start my quest cleaning project in Marleybone. I did a few odd jobs here and there, then eventually landed on what felt like an extreme epic side quest.  After a bit of research, I realized I was actually on the companion promotion quest for Ratbeard. (Yeah, I never finished that.)

Look at this adorable little good boy!

It's an entertaining quest that involves the retelling of A Christmas Carol, but with a Pirate101 twist. For the player, this is an epic 32-step quest that has you hopping back and forth between Marleybone, Mooshu, and Skull Island . . . with no shortage of travel and stop offs in between, including a series of back to back epic ninja pig fights. 

No one expects Ninja Pigs . . . let alone expects them to be a part of the Christmas Carol Story

I remember players complaining about this particular quest's length on the Pirate101 messageboards back in the day, and I think the response was basically . . . so you complain when we give you more content to play?! I get it though, it's a bit of quest exhaustion when what you really want as the player is not the experience, but the reward . . . a powered-up Ratbeard companion.

It's actually a very charming quest where you try to spook ol' Ebeneezer with ghosts of the past, present, and future, but ultimately it's a letter from his father expressing regret and forgiveness that changes his heart. For Ratbeard, he too experiences forgiveness from the ghost of Lasko, part of his old crew that he just outright poisoned and killed back in Skull Island. It's a nice character redemption bit of story -- perfect for a companion quest.

Lasko for the win.

As for my secondary quests to 1- improve the gear on Friendly Thomas and Bad Pedro Pace and 2- level that literal army of companions, things are going pretty good! I've been enjoying logging on and claiming all the work orders for brawling experience.  I wish there was a claim all button for companion orders.  There isn't one, right? Please tell me I'm forgetting some magical way of claiming all these companion orders at once. Please?

Last time I posted about Pirate101, my old buddy Angela Shadowgarden reminded me that probably the easiest gear upgrade I could get right away was claiming the Hoodoo bundle items I had sitting in my gift box. It's not a bad set of items, and actually looks pretty cool on Thomas. I also switched things up with my wand and equipped the Haywire Technomancer Set (replacing Phule's wand).  I'm pretty sure I'll be missing that extra range soon.

Not a bad Witchdoctor setup

So all in all things are going pretty chill in Pirate101.  It's great to be back and just enjoying the ride.  Two boxing is a little frustrating, but I'm making it work. It's really strange how zone times between the two accounts differ so greatly. Ahh well.

Happy Dueling!

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