Monday, June 14, 2021

CR 338 -- A "try hard" noteworthy weekend in DCUO!

I played more than my fair share of DCUO this weekend and ended up with a new pair of shoulders and gloves that pushed me up another point of gear rating.  Lord Spode and Teal Lantern are both sitting at CR 340, so I've got a bit more to do to match their CR, but that's not even the noteworthy thing for me about this weekend in DCUO.

Chillin on Aquaman's boat with my new sunglasses . . .

I suppose the most noteworthy thing in DCUO right now is that the "Tides of War" Summer Event is happening.  Every day you log on and complete Aquaman's quest out in the ocean area of DCUO and an event instance where you stop Ocean Master from . . . idk, what am I stopping him from?  Holding an outpost? Doing bad ocean war stuff? Um, I'm stopping him from being, uh, his nefarious self!

In exchange for all that I get sand dollars, which can be exchanged for summer attire. I have no interest in wearing summer attire (aside from the legit sunglasses), but I do like the feat points I get for purchasing said summer attire . . . but even THAT is not the most noteworthy thing for me about this weekend in DCUO.

When you're 100+ CR over the raid event . . . of course it's ultra-easy . . .

I spent a huge amount of time grinding old content this weekend, trying to earn feat points. I focused in on the old tier 7 and 8 raids that I missed. I snagged a couple feats in the Earth 3: The Panopticon Raid, another in the Doomsday raid, another couple in Wonderverse off of things I had left half finished, and more!  So much more that it ended up being about 10 skill  points over the weekend, which ain't too shabby considering most of these feats are 1/10th to 1/25th of a skill point, but even THAT is not the most noteworthy thing for me about this weekend in DCUO!

I fell asleep while our raid group tried to get Solomon Grundy to spawn 20+ foot soldiers

Also, I finally progressed my first artifact to 160! I cashed in a huge amount of source marks in exchange for most of the catalysts I needed to progress my artifact, and then, yes, I dipped into real life money to purchase a seal of completion because when an artifact evolution only has a 10% chance to succeed, you need to guarantee that it's going to work, but even THAT is . . . 

level 160 source shard . . . a thing of beauty . . .

ok, I'll stop . . . The most noteworthy thing was that, after all that work, it didn't really mean anything special. It was a lot of "try harding" for micro boosts in DPS. I mean, yes, my Godwave Strength skill refreshes quite a bit now, and it even makes a special FX and sound when it refreshes and, yes, it makes my button taps a bit more exciting. But let's be honest . . . I don't think it was an "I win" button like I was thinking in my earlier post. C'est le vie. It's still pretty cool though. :)

I guess really the most noteworthy thing was that I got to play with my buddies on Sunday night!  That's always the best reward.

Happy dueling!


Tipa said...

*hug* hey bud :-)


Stingite said...

I need more quarks so I can do that again next week! ;)