Thursday, August 30, 2018

Pirate101 Test Realm: A Tale of Three Quests

Well . . . I had homework last night. Yup. I hope I don't give away too much, but today on KI Live they're going to use my Pirate, Friendly Thomas, to explore the Test Realm, and for what they need, it will require a level 70 pirate with a level 70 Old Scratch. My pirate, before last night, was level 69 with a level 67 Old Scratch.

But I'm a good student and finished my homework! Luckily it only took an hour or so and didn't involve a lot of math. One level 70 pirate and Old Scratch are ready to go! To those ends, I now present you with . . . a tale of three quests.

BUT FIRST, do you know how I found those three quests?  With the brand spankin' new feature called The Quest Finder.

. . . oh it's been on the frequently requested list just since the beginning of the game is all . . .

I'm telling you now . . . it's beautiful and one of the most amazing features to ever hit Pirate101.

Look to the Skies
It all started with a quest from a wooden puppet named Giovanni Cassini. Well he looked like a puppet to me at the time because I had a fresh installation of the Pirate101 Test Realm and all the game assets were still downloading.

How's it feel, Giovanni, to know you're not a priority over Wand Attack Animations?

Giovanni had the need for a skyship pilot. Giovanni needed me to wrangle up a Parabolic Reflector so he could gaze into the stars. All I needed to do was to hunt down a couple Armada ships . . . for science!

Lucky Jack Russel cleaned house easily here. Sorry clockwork dude.

. . . but wait . . . there's more!  What good is a Parabolic Reflector without a Brass Setting. Giovanni set us straight to fight "The Pretender" who just happened to have "Brass in Pocket" for us. Yes, yes they made that bad pun.

I used all my arms, legs, style, sidestep, fingers, and imagination to complete this quest.

That little adventure netted me two bubbles of experience, thank you very much! NEXT!

Strike Force
Gerardo Dandini had a serious fashion problem. He had ordered Diamond Buckles from the Guinea Pig artisans in town and, gosh darn it, Grande Masque season was almost here! Since a unicorn needs his diamond buckles and didn't want to stoop to talking to "pigs" about the matter, he sent us to do his dirty work.

When you head over to the Artisan section of town you find that all the Guinea pigs are on strike because the unicorns struck up a deal with Tortellini crab mobsters that circumvented a trade agreement on creating clockworks.

What's a pirate hero to do?  That's right . . . go crack some shells and destroy some inventory!

The power of bad breath compels you!

After a quick trip over to Capo to start a small crab civil war, Giuseppe the artisan agrees to send over Gerardo Dandini's Diamond Buckles. The good news for us is that Gerardo was overjoyed and coughed up five and a half bubbles of experience for a job well done -- despite his impatience while we fought a small war over Diamond Buckles.

Due Unto Others
Ludovico Muratori is the local librarian in Florenza and he has a bit of a problem. A nobleman by the name of Luigi Vandelo has a very important overdue, and somewhat famous book that Ludovico was going to trade with the Librarian of Sivella for an equally rare volume of books . . . uh . . . you know, librarian problems . . . they're serious business.

When you head over to Luigi's house, he's super rude and sics his guards on you.

 El Toro ain't havin' none of that nonsense

. . . and thanks to an old bug . . . you get to do that fight twice!

Again . . . El Toro ain't thinking twice about that nonsense.

Luigi has a sudden surge of rememberence after you defeat his guards and viola, you have an overdue book needing return to Ludovico in the Florenza Library.

Ludovico was so happy he coughed up the remaining experience I needed to get to Level 70 . . . WOOTAH!

. . . And that's how we do it in Test Realm Town!

Oh wait . . . that's right . . . this is Test Realm and I'm going to have to do it all over again on the Live Realm if I want to do skeleton key boss fights? Not a problem. I'm up to the challenge, and I hope they have a very very successful KI Live today. I won't see you at the show, but I will be watching it with you!

Homework completed. :)

Happy Dueling!


Chrissy The Blesser said...

It's great to see you doing Pirate101 stuff. I sure miss your humor and style. Ahh the memories............ Well DONE Sir!

Stingite said...

Thanks, Chrissy! Always great to see your comments around here. :)