Sunday, November 30, 2008

Prince Hughes

Hi Fellow Wizards,

I don't have much of a report, but I have been holding on to this screenshot for a while and thought I'd share it.

That there is a satyr named Prince Hughes. The first thing that came to my mind when I read his name was a local cafe named Hug-Hes. hehe. Go figure the first thing I think is food. (they use to have this warmed chicken salad there that was awesome. I digress)

Anyway, it took my daughter and I a bit to find the exact spot that this guy pops up at, but we eventually found him at the spot shown above. The quest involving him here was to get the sprite guardian minion card for life wizards: she's a super helpful gal to have around in a big fight for sure.

Happy Dueling!


Alec K said...

Hey, just want to say, LOVE YOUR BLOG! really cool!

... and if you could, ask your son (He's a diviner, right?) When Storm Students get the Satyr card?
(I believe all schools do eventually, correct?)

Keep it real, Necro!

Anonymous said...

@Alec All schools other than life can only get satyr if they choose to train it, other than treasure cards, they otherwise cannot get it.