Monday, November 10, 2008

Amber Deathsong, Master Carver

I was so happy this morning when I read my e-mail and discovered that my daughter took first place in the "Best Likeness" pumpkin carving contest! She was overjoyed at the news and logged on as soon as she could get the computer fired up.

Here's the list of winners

*cough* I tied for third in most creative *cough*

Thank you voters! You're awesome! YES YOU DID!

So, for winning first place, Ms. Amber Deathsong received A RARE PET! This little guy had us rolling with laughter when we first saw him. He drags his pot of gold around with him and loves to dance. When he's not dancing, he protects his pot of gold with his body. Hilarious.

Congratulations to Ms. Amber and to all the people who participated in this event. I'm thoroughly impressed with KingsIsle and this fun event. I can't wait to see what the holidays brings us. :-) I'm hoping for a design your own sno-cone event. mmmm, sno-cone.


Tipa said...

Wonderful! Grats to your daughter, and if I ever see her running around with her pet, I will be sure to be envious :)

Bpaul said...

I bet she's jazzed!