Sunday, November 9, 2008

sigh, new look, and PLAGUE ONI ATTACKS!

So, I've been sporting this helm of horrors look for quite a while now. It's pretty awesome. I think I may end up wearing the helm regardless of whatever new stuff they throw my way, just because . . . the whole Phantom of the Opera look meets Daffy Duck is pretty sick.

However, I had a bunch of money in my possession and now that you can buy your crown clothes at the regular merchant, I went to go experiment with colors and see if I could find something that looked cool.

I made the unfortunate error of leaving my game up and running when I went to go make some dinner for the kids and BOOM. Next thing I know, my 4-year old was on the computer and had spent all my money on a new look for me.

I'm not sold on this one as much. In fact, I'm so embarrassed in this photo, that I can't face the camera. I think I'm going to have to spend some time farming up gold so I can visit the dye shop. It's going to take a while to NOT envision me in the helm of horrors. Like I said, I may just opt back in to the look despite it all. It gave me a certain panache. (That's a great word by the way . . . here's a wikipedia entry for it . . . you're welcome.) I guess the plume on the current hat carries some panache with it as well, especially when considering what Wikipedia says.

*awkward pause*

Anyway. Sometimes the weekends allow me an opportunity to zoom through content. This I did! I ended up in a big instance, once again nose-to-trunk with another one of those pesky Onis.

So, question, what is the coolest way of taking this dude down a notch?


Answer: with an Oni of your own!

Thanks for buying me the hat, son. It's pretty cool.

I am loving the strategy of casting a death magic shield on myself for the sole purpose of lessening the damage on myself when I use empower, which adds three pips and opens up those high pip-count cards in just a couple of rounds. That, friends, is the power of a necromancer: trickery and self-sacrifice to gain the upper hand.

The Plague Oni bid us a fond farewell and we (baby sugar and myself) took a moment to pause by his wonderful fountain. That elephant must be rolling in the peanuts to afford this spread. Nice.

My look is all off. I look like a tourist. Oh well.

Happy dueling!

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