Monday, November 17, 2008

Level 43, and looking good

I just wanted to show off how I'm looking these days. Now that I'm level "for tea tree" (that's 43 in wiz101 player speak) and finished off moo shu, I spent some money on a paint job for my clothes.

I went black and gold since I'm a mix of death and myth magic for the most part (some balance as well). I'm also sporting a cool life magic sword.

I've had some fun showing off with my friends and also on unicorn way. It was enough that my friend Caleb (an ice caster) griped a bit, "why is it that necromancers are overpowered in every MMO there is?" Silly Caleb, death magic is for kids. But to be honest, I'm 13 levels higher than him and wearing crown clothes . . . he'll get his power soon enough.

I also loved going to unicorn way and dropping a myth damage aura (for looks mind you), using empower, and just delaying until I get a full group in to unleash something spectacular like humongofrog or a wraith. I really freaked one guy out. "LOOK! LOOK AT THAT BATTLE WHOA" ;-)

Of other news, Amber Deathsong procured her fantastic pixie helper card and is working steadily through krokotopia. She's a little bummed out that she can't convince anyone at her school to give this game a try though. oh well, she's got dad.

Happy Dueling!

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Tipa said...

Oh, don't you look sharp!