Friday, November 28, 2008

Kyle Skystaff, Oni Slayer

Hello fellow wizards,

I'd like you to meet a new member of the friendly necromancer troop . . .

Kyle Skystaff, the 12th level Oni Slayer. Wait a sec, you say, "Isn't that the title you get when you beat the Jade Oni and win mooshu?"

"yes," I respond with a smile. yes, this 12th level diviner rocks. Actually, he kind of sucks, but he's all mine . . . and my 4-year-old's.

Check him out, working the lightning spells and making all the preschoolers say, "cool, daddy, cool."

Kyle is a bit messed up because my 4-year-old has done everything to this character from selling his beginner deck to making him wear +death magic clothes. haha. He's even randomly purchased spells from various schools of magic just because he can. oh well. He's still an Oni slayer. I talked about this fact a few posts back. My son joined in when i was fighting the Jade Oni and beat the game. Fork him.

Actually, no . . . don't fork him. I'm going to help this mixed up diviner work through the game alongside Amber Deathsong.

Good times.

Happy Dueling!

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Anonymous said...

how does this post have no comments!!! i am the firrst commenter!!!! :D I ROCK!!!