Sunday, November 23, 2008

Your Wizard 101 Rover'ing Reporter

Hello fellow card duelists,

This is your friendly necromancer, Thomas Lionblood, here reporting to you from Colorado. Amber Deathsong and the rest of our family packed up our things and made a trip to visit some friends and our extended family. I simply could not help myself from sending you all this field update when I made a startling discovery: a Marleybone representative greeting me at the Park Meadow's Mall in the suburbs of Denver.

I found him hanging out a store called pawsitively pets.

The cost was a bit steep at well over 200 dollars for this fella . . . I think it might have been closer to $400 believe it or not. I wouldn’t have bought it from that store anyway. The lady at the counter was NOT a friendly necromancer. Well, not friendly at least.

Of other news, we finally saw the Wizard 101 commercial on TV! It might be that we don't usually watch TV or it might be that the commercial doesn't play in our area? /shrug. Either way, the whole family gave a cheer. haha. This really has become our family's game.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you’re having fun with your Harvest clothes.

Happy dueling!

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