Saturday, June 3, 2023

Finding my Path in the Diablo IV Prelaunch

OMG -- everybody is freaking out!  Diablo IV!  People are screaming and running out of their houses naked with flame throwers! LILITH IS MY GRANDMOTHER! . . . and I'm there for it. I've got my druid hat on, and I ain't taking it off until the world returns to normal again. Can it return to normal again? THE WORLD HAS CHANGED FOREVERRRRRR!


Ok, so, yeah, I sprung for the $100 version of the game and was like, I'm all in for this. Day one of the pre-release, I was anxiously waiting for 6:00pm to hit so I could log on. Oh . . . wait a second, no I wasn't.  I was headed to my friend's house to play a game of Pathfinder.

First time playing Pathfinder was on Thursday, y'all!  It wasn't bad. A friend of mine got the big fat 640-page rules book and we started on some basic adventure with pre-made characters. I was an old wizard that liked to give everyone nicknames and cast ray of frost a lot. So there you have it. I didn't spend Day one of pre-release even playing my $100 version of the game. I was eating taki-flavored potato chips and humus while nerding out with my local old dudes crew.

Day two of pre-release, well, ok, I played a good chunk of Diablo IV, and I even have two dead hardcore druid characters to prove it. I'm getting super good at skipping the dialog cut-scenes at the beginning of the game now. My Escape Key is getting a work out.

Amassing a nice dead druid collection

My problem is that I'm taking on dungeon bosses I have no business taking on when I don't know the strats very well yet because I either didn't look it up or I just forgot how the mechanics worked from Beta. With a hardcore character that's feeling a bit under-geared, I probably should just be doing safe stuff for a while.  

The level 15 hardcore druid that died feels like a tragic tale. I actually had the perfect thing happen in a dungeon. I found The Butcher standing right next to a Conduit Shrine and got my first legendary item. A ring that buffed a skill. WHAT LUCK! The very next battle I came into a boss that stunned, and I got overwhelmed while stunned and died. WHAT BAD LUCK!

The level 11 hardcore druid that died was to the Den Mother. I had no business being there yet. I tried the old log-out trick while you hadn't died yet when I was 4 healing potions down, and it didn't work. I logged back in to a dead character. HAHA! I suck at this game.

Long Live Eternal Stingite the Druid!

Strangely enough, my level 16 eternal druid hasn't died once yet, and he's just fun to play, I don't feel any pressure with him. I should play my hardcore druid like I play him.

So there you have it. I've got 42 levels between three characters. (Um, two of which who are dead) And I'm chilling in Diablo IV and looking forward to a Saturday full of . . . well, probably grocery store trips and chores to be honest, but I'm going to get as much Diablo IV play as I can here on Day 3 of pre-launch. I highly doubt I'll be anywhere near one of the first 1000 to reach level 100 in this game. I know my place, and that's in the real world playing Pathfinder and going to the grocery store.

. . . I am having fun though, and that's all that matters. :)

Happy Dueling!


Tipa said...

I bought Diablo IV, but I'm not allowed to play it until sometime this week. Today? Tomorrow? Sometime.

Stingite said...

I'm so glad you're playing, Tipa!