Sunday, August 7, 2022

Swimming too close to the bears in Icarus

Icarus, mythology's symbol of pride -- he flew too close to the sun on his wings of wax and feathers and plummeted to earth. Icarus, the survival game -- Bearcat McGee landed on the Terraformed planet gone bad and swam too close to the bears. They are similar tales of caution and woe, but one came courtesy of public education and the other cost me 35 bucks.

. . . and Bearcat McGee was born!

I've been playing a lot of Icarus thanks to my old buddy, old pal of mine Lessah Ismorah. Remember when she introduced me to 7 Days to Die, Far Cry 6, and Planet Crafter?  Well, like a sucker I followed the bandwagon and purchased this new game she was fascinated with, and then promptly began to lose hours and hours of time just chopping wood, mining iron, and crafting stuff. Thanks, Lessah. It's time I'll never get back is all . . .

Ok ok, it's a fun game. ;) She did it again! Lessah just has a way of picking these great survival games for me to have fun in. Well, it's a ton more fun when I actually get time to play WITH Lessah and her good buddy, Mythery. It's kind of funny because when I first bought the game, they were like . . . yeah, we're just going to stay on this mission for a while and level and learn.  I then spent a week of my life in a lonely game mission they had long since abandoned thinking that when Lessah was back online from working at her new job, that they'd come back and see my amazing Teen Titans tower I had built us.

The Tom Titans Tower . . . beware evil wolves

Nope. So here's the deal with Icarus. Once you finish a world's objective, you launch off the planet, receive your rewards, and then start over with nothing but the levels you earned and the knowledge you won. Both Lessah and Mythery had abandoned the game I was in, finished the objective, and were looooong gone doing another mission. I was busy digging through the middle of boulders, making stacks of the rock, and trying to spell "BEARCAT" with the piles.

B . . . E . . . A . . . that's as far a I got before I ran out of room.

When I finally was able to jump into voice chat with Lessah and Mythery again, they were like . . . dude, why are you still on that mission? So, I took one last look at my beautiful Teen Titans tower and jettisoned into space to leave it all behind in favor of the next mission.

We've been through a few missions together now and our most recent one is to kill a big bad boss on the planet below. Lessah and Mythery were off to Gencon for the week, and I once again have been left to wander the planet surface on my own. All my levels and learning from the previous missions had provided me with the knowledge to craft a bolt action rifle and bullets, so that was my goal while they were away: to craft each of us a rifle and a good supply of bullets.  I'm pretty sure we're going to need them. I gotchu fam.

This particular world seems FULL of small hidden caves, so I'm thinking this was exactly what we were supposed to do.  I mined up a metric ton of iron and crafted 120+ bars of steel with it so I could then craft three rifles.  We're all set.  The next time they log on to play, they'll both have their rifles and 20 bullets.

Crafting the Bolt Action Rifle! It'll one shot a bear!

I'm so ready to see what this boss looks like . . . knowing these two though, Lessah and Mythery will probably kill the boss unexpectedly while I'm offline. Haha! Look, I know my place in the world here. I am the tertiary player in this episodic series.  This is the Lessah and Mythery show . . . and I'm that plucky Bearcat McGee that shows up every 4 episodes or so for comedy relief and to hand the heroes of the story their guns with a wink and a smile.

Apparently Gencon ends today, so they'll be back online soon! I can't wait to kill a boss or die trying! In Icarus, this is the way!

Happy Dueling

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Lessah said...

Flawless commentary! 10/10