Friday, August 5, 2022

Checking out Pirate101's New Daily Dungeon

A couple weeks back I jumped back in to Pirate101 to check it out since, you know, THERE'S A NEW UPDATE TO THE GAME! Kind of crazy that the KingsIsle team has managed to pull off a couple of new updates for this game, right? Who woulda thunk it. There was definitely a time that I didn't think it would ever happen, but . . . things change when you're under new management.  There you go Negative Nellies -- games under Gamigo's parent company CAN AND DO receive updates! Take that!


So, Pirate101's newest update is a rotating daily quest given by one Reginald P. Jowlsley. He's a Marleybonian Bulldog full of spit and vinegar. 

I like the cut of his jib

Each time you finish one of Reginald's quests, he'll drop a "Royal Key" on you. This key can then be used to enter a dungeon. 

Ominous Dungeon Portal is Ominous

Solo, I found the fight I encountered to be pretty difficult, but when I was with a group of four, it was cake.  Well, it might have just been that my group mates were a bit OP.

Hilariously Cute Boss Insect

It was kind of funny. One of my groupmates had me on their friends' lists and had no idea who I was. Oh, you know, I just used to be the CM four years ago . . . now I'm just a guy who used to know things, a has been, and some chump wannabe coming back to see what's up with the new update. hehe. I actually like the anonymity. Before I would log on and get swarmed with questions (most of which I could never answer). Now I log on and I'm a complete rando.  I like it.  

Supposedly there's some cool weapons and gear that drop for the instance, but I mostly got vendor trash loot and a MEGA TON of gold.  That's one thing about Pirate101. They always overload you with gold. Gold is absolutely not a problem you need to worry about. Someone should put a big magical gambling well somewhere in the game where you can toss in 250,000 gold in exchange for a chance at something legendary.

Here's to future updates to Pirate101 and more fun in a fantastic game that's dear to my heart!

Happy Dueling!


Tipa said...

Yo ho ho!

I quit this game too soon... that one quest with the item that would never drop killed me.

Stingite said...

Cool Ranch buffalo quest? yeah, that ended up changing . . . I imagine a lot of people dropped because of that.