Sunday, August 14, 2022

Game Portfolio -- Get Jiggy

Continuing a review of discontinued games in my portfolio, next up is surprisingly not a Will Smith song, but a PvP Puzzle game named Get Jiggy!

Get Jiggy

  • Release Date: July 2016
  • Current Availability: Canceled during Canadian Soft Launch in 2017
  • Release Credit Category: Marketing Credit
  • Company: KingsIsle
  • Business Model: Free-to-Play
  • Category: Mobile Game
  • Genre: Puzzle
Personal Development Notes
  • Fun Fact: The current Marketing Manager for KingsIsle, one Kayly Ginsberg aka Vanessa Mythdust, was originally a super fan of KingsIsle's games until she made the jump to paid employee. Back in the day she penned a magnificent blog post about it from the outside looking in. Honestly, it's a really a great breakdown about what the game was all about. 

  • Job Highlights: My contributions to Game Development came from setting up the social sites, playtesting the game, helping review the images in the puzzle picture packs, and working with our videographer Damon to create the game's trailer.

    Speaking of the trailer, TJ O'Leary and I still laugh about the line, "If you like puzzles. prizes. and fast-paced, live, multiplayer battles . . . then it's time to Get Jiggy!" On first read through, our voice actress made the delivery of "Get Jiggy" very Jessica Rabbit-esque. We had her re-record the line because, as the joke goes, we were looking for 30% sass instead of 80% sass.

  • Best Memory: My best memories of this game come from when we'd play PvP matches with other people in the office.  Look, we used to get pretty competitive about these puzzle battles in KingsIsle's old Domain building! 

  • Other Comments: It was a very unique game idea that never took off, and the game's metrics were such that it couldn't make it out of soft launch. Perhaps the hyper-casual puzzle category of the app store wasn't quite ready to add some PvP to their jigsaw puzzles?

    BTW, the soundtrack for the game was crafted by Bobby Moen, and it is some absolutely fantastic, lounge jazzy goodness. The music is what I miss the most! Thankfully most of it is still on the web on Bobby's Soundcloud page.

Sample Gameplay:

This footage comes from the aforementioned blog post of Kayly Ginsberg! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

This is good music. I get Lemuria Sky City vibes from this music.

Tipa said...

Another one I never heard about :-(

PvP is always going to be a "no" for me. Who needs that stress in a game, right?