Saturday, July 31, 2021

Welcome to #Blaugust2021 -- am I ready for this?!

Whoo boy . . . here we go. It's that time of year again where the blogging coalition that's gathered around Belghast unites to write and write some more during the month of August.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, please head over to Bel's Blog and catch on up with what's what in the MMO/videogame blogosphere.

I joined in back in 2019 where I wrote topics on everything from Terreria to Dungeons and Dragons -- it even led to a year-long romance with Project Gorgon and me blogging about my adventures there. 

My beautiful OC Project Gorgon picture commissioned from Mia Smith.

In 2015, I crushed it with several posts that reminisced about my favorite spots in DCUO, DDO, Everquest, WoW, and Wizard101. It's also a trip down memory lane for me seeing these old pictures of my family when we went to Classic Game Fest.

That kid is now as tall as his dad . . . maybe taller . . . 

Both times those were really grueling experiences with Blogging, so I know what I'm getting into here by joining in once again, but I'm confident that I can keep pace this year and I hope you're all excited to read along as I am to participate with my fellow bloggers. Be sure to follow along with the #Blaugust2021 tag on Twitter! There will be plenty of reading to do this year.

I've been writing up a short list of blog topics, and I'm falling well behind 30 days worth, so there are sure to be some surprises along the way. When the topics fall short, I can always fall back to Bel's handy dandy calendar of events.

So come along, let's get excited, and if you have any topics you'd like to see me tackle, please leave me a comment or a tweet. I appreciate your time. See you tomorrow morning!

Happy Dueling!

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Roger Edwards said...

There's nothing that marks the passage of time more succinctly than kids growing up. Heck, I'll use that as a writing prompt ;)