Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Pirate101: I need more Bob in my life

I've been continuing to spend an hour or two here and there playing through all the side content in Pirate101. Call it the adventures of following Control+Shift+Q . . . that magical hotkey just targets you to the next "nearest" side quest and GO! Unfortunately the definition of "nearest" leaves a little to be desired. Because of that, I've been traveling to Skull Island and back over again.

Also managed to complete my dailies with the help of Captain Avery while I was at it

One of my favorite forays of the last week involved completing the "Bob's Your Uncle" quest to promote my Origin Story Companion, which for me is Lucky Jack Russell because I chose that my parents died in a shipwreck.  If I had it to do all over again, I probably would have chosen mutiny because Dead Mike makes me laugh and he's undead.

Give 'em the boot, Lucky Jack Russell!

This quest is pretty epic. You get a nice bit of lore about your parents and specifically your mother Jenny as you run into a pirate named Bob Carrington who happens to be . . . your uncle.

Love that Bob Carrington ... the moustache, the feathered hat, the obvious signs of ultimate betrayal . . .

By the end of this quest you've gone back and forth across Skull Island fighting legitimately difficult mobs (I had several on bed rest when I was done), being double crossed by your uncle, and defeating your mom's old nemesis, one Captain Hande. This is a high value companion promotion quest and honestly I can't believe I sat on it as long as I did.

That fully promoted Lucky Jack Russell is lookin' FINE!

Hey KingsIsle!  If you're listening . . . I'm excited for this new Sinbad stuff, no lie, but can you also find a way to bring back Bob Carrington and Captain Hande? This whole pirate triangle of betrayal is just too good. I need more Bob in my life. Maybe tie them in to the daily quests somehow? Thank you for your time!

Anyway, the amount of content I never completed in Pirate101 is a little staggering to be honest, but I seem to be whittling through it pretty good. It is funny though, every time I think I've shortened my list a bit, I run into another yellow exclamation mark.  I don't mind though. It's nice to have content to complete that I set off to the side back in the day.

Currently I'm going back and forth between temples in the Subata skyway in Mooshu. I'm starting to run into a problem though because control shift Q pointed me toward the Tower of Moo Manchu. That one's always given me a bit of a problem because of the difficulty.

Also, I dropped in on RRRRZZZZ while he was streaming last week and said hello. He's such an interesting and genuine streamer who simply loves Pirate101. The deep south accent and conversations about favorite fast food chicken is pretty entertaining as well. Joining in on one of his Tower of Moo Manchu runs on stream might be a good opportunity for me to temporarily get that out of my quest log. ;)  I wouldn't mind getting some of the great loot from the tower as well. 

Happy Dueling!

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