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#Blaugust Day 19 -- My Top Memorable Locations in #DCUO

I had a thought the other day (yes, I know this is dangerous). If I just stop and think about certain games in my past that I played a lot of, there are certain areas that seem to come mind faster than others. I'm not exactly sure why. It could be that I spent a lot of time in that one location or perhaps I have a strong emotional memory of that spot, or maybe it's just really hard to forget. I'm pretty sure my top memorable locations are not going to be the same as yours, but I'm going to log into these games as I think about them during the last half of Blaugust and revisit the sites (if I can) or search my screenshot folders to see if I have a picture of that location.

The first game I'd like to do this with is DC Universe Online. This was a game I played a lot of last year. A lot of my old writings and thoughts about the game (which, I didn't write a lot about) can be found here.

And now . . . the list.


1. Defusing those stupid amazon bombs in Gotham under Siege. Unfortunately I don't have a particular picture of this area, but I do have a vine of me freeing an Amazon in the same location (which looks more like I'm helping her braid her hair)

I hated this quest with a passion. there's nothing more mind numbing than clicking on an object and bringing it back to a basket . . . and why this one particular location in Gotham Under Seige was so FULL of landmines.  That's MMOs for you though. *shrug*


2- The Hive Base, aka the area in front of the Metropolis Metrodome, which you visited during A Black Dawn, a Tier 4, 8-player Alert. Again, really strange that this location sticks out to me in my mind, but it does.

 When I was going back through my screenshot archives, I found that I was particularly fond of taking screenshots of my achievements. Maybe that's why this area sticks out to me . . . I had to spend an evening there destroying these buzz bomb guys to get a feat, which I felt pretty awesome about at the time because soloing them at the CR I was at was pretty difficult. It made me feel epic. (I went back there last night, and apparently they one-shot now at CR 110+.


3- ACE Chemicals in Gotham. It's a fun little stop off on your way to Arkham Asylum!

This was another area I spent a lot of time flying around thanks to a daily quest that happened in this location and the need to finish them all for an achievement. It was covered in mutated clowns and a couple cool instances were found here as well. Maybe this one was in my head for sheer cool and creepy factor.


4- The Park in Gotham -- AKA The Forum of the 12 Ceasers.

I know exactly why this one is in my head.  I spent FAR too long circling here trying to collect exobytes. Many players knew it as the best spot around and there was an easy path to follow to get those precious little glowy bits.


5- The Batcave, and particularly being tossed around by the Batmobile robot.  Sadly I didn't have any pictures of this instance, but the DC Universe Online Wikia page did (Thank you DC Universe Online Wikia for the use of this picture).

It was perhaps the most confounding encounter in all of DCUO. It was not unusual to find yourself stuck in a remote corner of the room or just at very strange angles because you would get tossed around and knocked back like you were a potato bug in a jar with a very shake-y 5-year old.


6- PvP by the bank in the JLA Watchtower.

This is perhaps locked in my brain because it was just fun and I *cough* ruled over the other members of Team Spode in PvP. They pretty much hated me every time I'd throw that invite to a friendly PvP match. Stingheal! Why you gotta be so rude?


7- Gotham Courthouse Instance.

Although the picture I have here is the regular PvE version of the courthouse. In my mind I remember running this a ton when the Legends PvE version of this instance came out -- you could play as stock heroes and villains instead of your own character . . . again, for achievements and marks.


8- The Minotaur near the Metro station building, which was conveniently located next to my home "the Mojo Dojo"

I've killed The Minotaur countless times . . . because he was right there by my house.  At first I felt epic when I could solo him.  Last night when I took him on he just melted in two hits . . . I felt bad for him.


9- The Shady Nightclub Duo.

SADLY . . . I don't have any pictures of this duo, which is super strange! I logged on both of my DCUO accounts and discovered that neither of them had actually purchased this episode? What?! Gotta love it when your yearly subscription runs out and you hit that pay gate . . . not. I must have run this particular duo with my partner in crime, "Clever Clara," about 100 times.  Why I never thought to take a screenshot is beyond me.  It's a great instance just packed with super-villains!


10 - Last but not least . . . The Vault, which is accessed from the On Duty menu and shares a bit of the same environment as the Joker's Funhouse Tier 1 single player instance.

Yup . . . I'm blaming this memory location on sheer repetitiveness. It's one room with a whole lot of presents that you crash through daily. Not much more to say about it.


So there's my ten.  I don't know if I'd even call them my "Top" ten, but the "First" ten that came to mind, which is strange going back through all of my screenshots.  There's a lot of other amazing environments like the Gotham Wastelands, Superman's Base, the Brainiac Bottles, Holiday event locations, Races, and just too many other good locations. It's a bit strange these were the first that came to my mind? *shrug*

If you've played DCUO and you have some locations you'd like to give a shout out to in the comments, please do!  I'd love to hear about 'em.

Happy Dueling!


This post is part of the Blaugust challenge -- Thanks to Belghast from Tales of the Aggronaut for hosting. 

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