Monday, May 20, 2024

Season of the Southern Gentlemen in Diablo 4

I've been playing a little more Diablo IV now that the new season dropped. My friend Dylan and I all but abandoned our surfers and rolled up a couple of fine Southern gentlemen. Yes, we're milking our tropes for all they are worth.

I am Leufroy and my companion is Montgomery. As the story goes, Leufroy is a bit of a French Explorer type, and Montgomery is a rich southern real estate mogul. Leufroy is taking dear Montgomery on a tour of Sanctuary in search of fertile land he might choose to claim as his own ... for resale purposes, of course.

The dashing duo of Montgomery and Leufroy

Oh yeah, it's incredibly goofy, but I don't think I've laughed quite as hard while playing Diablo IV as when Montgomery found some new gear to cover his "uppers" and his "lowers." Truly, the slow, gentle Southern accents from our role-playing are legendary. I really should be streaming this nonsense.

As for the new season of Diablo IV being game-changing and all that, Leufroy and Montogomery's official opinions are "yes, quite." It's pretty great. Aspects unlock without pain. Gold grinding is needed for gear rerolling, and customization of gear is truly possible, but at our level, you probably wouldn't want to go too crazy.

Montgomery and Leufroy talking about business plans before hacking through hell

We're bulldozing enemies pretty good right now with the two of us. The game itself feels really good. Leufroy is a dashing rogue full of traps and tricks, and Montgomery is a sorcerer, casting bolts of lightning with his southern wit. We're having a great time. In fact, several times we've said to each other that it feels like this combo is way more powerful than our last team. All good signs.

Happy dueling.

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