Friday, May 31, 2024

Loving That Underwater VR Walkabout Mini-golf!

I truly would love to review every single underwater experience in VR I can get my hands on. (I'm going to make a new "Underwater VR" tag so I can start cataloging them. It's a strange genre and mostly filled with "submarine" games, but I've made a short list of games to look at. It'd also make a really cool YouTube series . . . you know, one of those weird subgenres of games that you'll probably never play, but some random dude on the Internet went on a quest to play them all. That's the kind of YouTube I can just zone out to.

Anyway, about a week ago, the Ruff Talk VR Discord channel had a meetup to play Walkabout Minigolf (WMG). Fortunately and unfortunately, it was just me and my buddy Amelia that showed up to the event. Unfortunately, because it's always fun to play with more. Fortunately, because Amelia offered up her entire WMG library of expansions and allowed me to choose our course. 

WMG is pretty great because it'll let anybody just play an expansion course on a guest pass. Meaning, that as long as someone owns the course, it'll let you play that course with them in multiplayer. The only downside to that is you can't collect any hidden balls or complete the hard course quest to earn a new putter, which totally makes sense from a business standpoint.

swimming up high and looking down at a few holes in the underwater golf course

Of course, I'm going to choose to guest pass the underwater Atlantis mini-golf course I don't own! Amelia obliged and we were soon putting around in an Atlantian underwater fantasy.

Rule one of underwater mini-golf, bring forth the mermaid statues and coral structures!

The course itself was good. I found it a fair bit less difficult than some of the newer courses I've played like the Meow Wolf course or the Venetian course. We didn't play the hard version of the course, but I didn't have any problems scoring under par on my first attempt around the 18 holes of underwater magic.


Even better, they made it so you could grab on to larger sharks, manta rays, and turtles and ride them around as they circled the course. I loved that little extra feature. It's things like this that make WMG one of the most well-thought-out experiences. It's not just a mini-golf course, it's an experience as well.

The sun shining through the underwater ruins of the mini-golf course was a nice touch

Of course, they didn't mess with the physics of their real mini-golf experience. It's all an illusion of being underwater. You're not going to smack a ball as hard as you can to only have it go 12 inches forward and start floating upward -- that'd just be frustrating. It is a pretty great illusion though. Little hexagonal graphic fish were darting around in small schools and the sharks were circling. I thoroughly enjoyed my time playing a mini-golf game with Amelia.

Six under par! Not bad!

Rest assured, this isn't really the only underwater experience you have in WMG. There's also, the infamous 20,000 Leagues under the Sea course, but that all takes place inside Captain Nemo's submarine. The only times you'll catch a glimpse of being underwater is through the submarine windows, on hole 18 where the Kraken has broken through, or if you fly outside of the course boundaries and take a look at the sub from an outside view.

I love my 20,000 Leagues putter. It's Krakentastic!

I own the 20,000 Leagues under the Sea course, but after last week, I'm pretty sure I'll pick up the Atlantis course on my next opportunity.

Happy Dueling!

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