Friday, May 24, 2024

Diamond Rank in Brawl Stars Achieved!

Brawl Stars continues to be my favorite mobile game, and yup, they got me to purchase the Battle Pass. I relented, but the reason why wasn't that I got a ton of skins and goodies, it was all about the gold!  

Gimme that 8000 gold! (and all the other stuff too)

As it turns out, this morning was the first time I had ever hit the Diamond rank in ranked PvP matches. I've gotten gold rank usually or silver, but the past couple of weeks I've been a bit more deliberate in playing ranked PvP. 

Gimme that Mythic Rank-up reward!

There was a bit of a rude surprise when I got there though, and that was to continue ranking up, you need to have a full squad of 12 brawlers ranked up to at least level 9 to play. To do that requires, a ton of gold that I just really didn't have . . . unless I bought that delicious-looking battle pass! So I went for it. I mean, it was only 7 bucks, and this game brought me through nights of unemployment.  You got my money, Brawl Stars!

You need . . . 12 of them?!

The next interesting surprise was that at Diamond rank, PvP is a bit more intense . . . not just the competition, but you can choose heroes to ban the other team from choosing. I think I'd actually have to start looking at the meta if I were to make happy choices for my teammates, but I typically just choose the characters that are annoying to play against.

PvP at the higher rank also involves a more Overwatch style of winning matches. Honestly, it feels like overkill, but it does make the game different.  Once you play 2 matches against a team, you start to get the feel for how your opponents play and, if you're a good player, you can swing the game based on this knowledge.  Spoiler alert, I don't think I'm that good of a player.  I'm trying though!

At least the battle pass gave me some new fun skins and a Brawler I can't wait to play.  He's a fairy-turned-mosquito and just looks crazy enough to love.  

Angelo is super charming in an ugly way

I don't know if I have the wits about me to make it up the ranks of PvP post-Diamond, but it certainly was fun getting there! I'm really loving Brawl Stars still for my go-to mobile game.

Happy Dueling!

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