Thursday, May 23, 2024

Fast Leveling for Southern Gents in Diablo 4's Season of Loot

The duo of Montgomery and Leufroy once again delved into Diablo 4, but this time we straight up skipped the story, plunked ourselves in Veteran 2 difficulty, and hit the seasonal quest line. It turned out to be a solid decision for our southern duo. You might say it was truly a "butter my backside and call me a biscuit" moment.

The seasonal quests ultimately centered around the helltides, and let me tell you ... the exp from said helltides flowed like Montgomery's sweet southern drawl. It was kind of crazy. 

Melting the blood maiden

We were gaining levels super fast. We went from level 19 to level 30 so fast it was like a powerleveling session. Not only that, but a full swap out of new gear was happening every 30 minutes or so. If it wasn't gear drops from the helltides and chest, it was gear from the new quest tiers. Oh, you just got some new legendary gear five minutes ago? Well now, as they say in the south, "Today you're a rooster, tomorrow a feather duster. Here's more loot. Enjoy!"

As you gain honor from defeating enemies in a helltide and completing quests, you gain tiered rewards that are actually pretty great.  At Tier 4 I got a pretty sweet unique bow. It's official, I'm really liking this new season of loot. 

Earning all the wolf's honor I can!

I can't wait to play the Montgomery and Leufroy duo again. I'm pretty sure we'll be breaking into Tier 3 in no time at all. Then once all these demons are cleared out, Leufroy can finally show Montgomery the perfect piece of Sanctuary property that he could claim for his own. Shh, Leufroy doesn't really know where that is just yet . . . but if we keep playing, I'm sure a piece of land will show that it's "high in the cotton."

Happy Dueling!

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