Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Getting Dragged through Group Content in Runes of Magic

Last week I started complaining in Guild Chat that I was completely starved for content and I had run out of quests. This, of course, wasn't the full truth, and in talking with my guildmate named Linguini (everybody's favorite pasta), I had dropped a bunch of old quests back in the day and I also skipped all group content. My bad!

To be fair, it's not like Runes of Magic has a group finder for dungeon content like World of Warcraft or even has people talking in world chat about Looking For Group (LFG).  In fact, talking in World chat costs an expendable microphone (I have about 90 of them sitting in my bags -- I'm not much of a world chatter), and I've only ever seen one person use a microphone to say the acronym LFG.

No, to be honest, Runes of Magic so far has felt very much like a solo romp through MMO content, which is fine. I've done that in pretty much every MMO I've played, so it's not unfamiliar territory. What is unfamiliar is running out of quests and having to back track to get your levels or do a slow grind on mobs ala Everquest with a guaranteed 10 daily quests a day.

Anyway, good ol' Linguini took me under his wing, decided it was time for me to finish some of those old group quests, strapped me to his figuratively-speaking back, and carried me through an instance called The Origin.

The "Level 100 Linguini" was a murder machine, jumping and flipping from enemy to enemy like a well-trained ninja assassin, just one-shotting the enemies like they were nothing . . . all while I stood back a good 50 feet and watched in amazement.

Linguini is about to kill a giant bug for me . . .
The dungeon culminated with a giant treant boss fight that Linguini made look like a warm up, and I finished 5 or 6 quests in the process, gaining that oh so needed experience. We ended up running that dungeon a couple more times and called it a night, my bags full of loot and with that experience bar feeling a bit less overwhelming.

Linguini, apparently this noodle is good for chopping wood too!

The next day a group of 50 somethings in the guild called out that they'd like to run an instance named the Hall of Survivors. We ended up with a full group with Tallhorse, Enidras, Charish, Missrichierich, and myself. (Gotta love those MMO names.) This was a little tough to be honest. Tallhorse had a tank pet that he'd send in to the fray and agro a big bunch of enemies, we'd then use tab targetting to find the one that had the least amount of health left, and then we'd all fire upon them one-by-one until they were all dead.

Speaking of dead . . . poor Enidras had the worst of it as he kept drawing agro off of the pet tank and spent most of the dungeon waiting for a rez, and let's be honest . . . yup, I died a few times myself, but man! This was an actual guild group! It felt amazing!

Crazy enough, my wings still flap when I'm dead

And finally . . . my guildleader, Ms. Ladyrose, has also been helping me out with the group content in Northern Janost.  She killed the nasty Sibwok Wyrm one night, and a giant angry Nax the Holy Tree boss the next. Then, I asked Ladyrose to come take a shot at killing a giant burrowing dune-esque worm named Deep Throat . . . I mean "Great Throat" *blush*.  This was no problem. Again, Ms. Ladyrose took care of it in a couple blasts of magic.

Now, Ladyrose is a healer . . . aka more of a lover than a fighter, but she still has a pretty good punch. In Linguini-esque style, she strapped me to her figuratively-speaking back, and carried me through another instance named the Treasure Trove, which was full of treasure chests. Imagine that. Also pirates. I was swimming in loot, including a fashionable hook hand and pirate bandana.

You can't call a place Treasure Trove without there being a lot of treasure chests to loot!

Then last night I pushed my luck to the very limit with Ms. Ladyrose and asked her to try killing a Sand Dragon named Zanka in the Limo Desert. She came, she tried, she died . . . and that made Ladyrose rage enough to call in help from a couple of big guns. Next thing I knew, my level 58 self was sitting in a group with 3 level 100 players and getting strapped to their figurately-speaking backs and once again being carried . . . through not only Zanka, but through a Sand Vortex boss in Limo Desert as well.

3 level 100's and I *still* managed to find a way to die . . .

So there you go. It's been an interesting ride the past week, mostly from the vantage point of the saddle on my guild mate's backs, but here I now sit a 59 Mage / 59 Rogue in Runes of Magic.  Let's go!

Happy Dueling

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