Thursday, November 25, 2021

A Tragedy in Two Parts -- Aotulia Volcano

I first entered Aotulia Volcano about a week and a half ago back when I first hit 50th level. For all intents and purposes, I figured it would be my next exp zone after poking around Ravenfell for a bit. Little did I know my adventures would swing me back and forth across a variety of zones before returning just a few days ago. Things have been a lot more complicated the last 9 levels than they ever were during the first 50 levels.

A stunning view of hot death

The real problem with this zone comes in 2 parts: 1- Death and 2- Confusion.

So, let's talk Death . . .

As it turns out, there are ways to deal with Death in Runes of Magic, but those typically involve premium currency purchases, a ton of daily quests, or time spent in front of the guild library working off a death debt. That's right, when you die in Runes of Magic, you'll have to work off an experience debt. 

You can avoid that by purchasing an Angel Tears potion in advance or a God's Ticket after the fact.  Angel Tears protect you from Death Debt for 24 hours. A God's Ticket simply clears any existing death debt.  You buy those with Phirius Coins earned from completing daily quests or from the shop. And if you don't like either of those methods, there's always standing in front of the guild's library while you're afk "studying" to get rid of it.

I used all three of those methods in Aotulia Volcano . . . because, yes . . . Aotulia Volcano killed me several times. (Special thanks to my guild leader for purchasing me a God's Ticket the other day, you saved me a few hours of repentance.) A couple boss encounters sent me to my grave multiple times. An attempt to run across the bridge of cremation did me in as well.  etc. etc.

Hiding in a barrel next to the bridge of cremation listening in to naga war plans

Btw . . . that bridge of cremation is NOT designed to be run across, but I actually found a YouTube video of a guy that managed to make it across by using multiple healing potions. It's a fun watch.

Up in the north eastern part of the zone there is a giant army of Naga that are part of an event where you can lead an army of fire elementals against them and earn a ton of loot in the process (but no quest exp sadly). It looks like it'd be fun to do with a group . . . by yourself?  Ohhh, it's possible to get badges from it, but I didn't have the gusto to get past the second event phases. It's extremely easy to get overrun by an army of Naga here, and that's exactly what happened to me.

Coming out of stealth here would be a bad idea . . .

Now as for the Confusion . . . 

Aotulia Volcano is a twisting mess of pathways with blockades and murderous elites at every turn. I swear I spent more time looking for ways to get to the Northern Half of the map than I actually spent questing in the Northern Half of the Map. The other weird thing . . . Google was NOT helpful in telling me ways of accomplishing this, so . . . lemme help you all out.

There are three ways to get to the Northern Part of the Map:

1- Scootch out from Titan's Hill Camp and move into the Devil's Mouth. When you see a bunch of manticores, you're headed in the right direction. Cut through the middle of the Tower of Rage and you'll soon be running into a big open field. (If you're like me, you can then complete that Manticore Whistle quest you've been holding on to . . . gratz)

2- Keep questing until you get to Titan's Hill Camp in Dimarka and run into an NPC named Aynara. Aynara is actually a dragon that will teleport you to the northern section of the map, but only one time and really you'll just be using her to get you into Delanis.

Big, yet friendly, dragon!

3- Keep questing until you get to the Infernal Gate. There's a big pool of lava here and after you talk with an NPC and do her quest, she'll port you to a flame elemental who becomes your new best buddy.  Falraisen will teleport you north ONCE transformed as a Fire Elemental and you can wreck havoc with your new transformation (but don't get crazy . . . if you die in transformation, you still die and get a death debt.)

Living my best fire elemental life . . .

In general the whole Titan's Hill, Titan's Hill Camp, Dimarka area is a confusing mess of caves, ramps, and tunnels, but option 1 will get you where you need to go.  Have fun with that . . .

Truth be told, I tried my best to not quest in Aotulia Volcano because of the death and confusion, but when I hit levels 57 and 58 and felt like I was running out of high exp quests, I really felt like I needed to head back to squeeze out that delicious exp in hopes of dinging 59, which meant I could once again continue down the Morrok line of quests.

 . .  and that happened this morning! WOOT! Limo Desert here I come!

Happy Dueling


Bhagpuss said...

Thanks for doing this series of posts. It's the one and only time I've ever read an account of Runes of Magic after about level 20 or so, which, if I remember, is about as far as I got myself back at launch. Sounds like there's a lot more to the game than I thought.

Stingite said...

Thanks, Bhagpuss! I appreciate you reading and commenting!

I'm really glad I gave it more than the initial zone. Having a guild helped and truly, after you hit 50th, it's like a totally different game.