Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Spellbreak Week Day 6 -- The Blightbringer

Team . . . they got me . . . I looked in the shop, and there were some solid picks today.

Hello Blightbringer skin . . .

I couldn't resist buying the Blightbringer skin. I was 100 percent done for when I saw it in the shop. Also, look at that Clockwork Machinist skin on the far right in the picture above!  If Morgrim (aka my buddy Mercedes) is reading, that's YOUR SKIN!  That's YOUR OC! Look at that!

As for the Blightbringer skin, it comes bundled with a quest to do toxicology damage to level up its look. My fingers are ready.

I can't believe I paused to take a screenshot instead of smashing the buy now

I wish I would have been recording video at the time of purchase because you get a really quick cutscene for the unlock of your new skin.

Friendly Necro attacking with the poison gas!

So now the quest to level this skin is a part of my regular line up. Speaking of quests, the quests for today were a weird smorgasbord: ice skate for 20 seconds (m'kay?). Finish in the Top 15 twice as a toxicologist, and deal 500 Conduit damage. 

  • Match 1 = 8th Place. This was a fun match, and I scored a couple of exiles . . . I did experience a lot of rubber banding, however, and that wasn't fun. In the end, I got bested by a Tempest mage. 

Blightbringer report: 282/7500 toxic damage . . . that's a solid 1/27th of the way there! We got this!

Whoops. They're about to get a point blank face full of toxin

  • Match 2 = 3rd Place. zero exiles . . . but I got some really good hits. I'm also proud of myself for taking the time to find a sneaky spot or two to do some really good healing. By the end I had dealt a surprising (for me) 967 damage. I might have done better but it was mayhem at the end, and I panic 'ported a bit too far into the storm by accident. After this match I had unlocked toxicologist rank 5, earned mage rank 12, unlocked wellspring, and finished my quest to finish in the top 15 twice. 

Blightbringer report: 588/7500 toxic damage. OK! 1/12 of the way there! That was a great round!

Tsk. Just a bit too far on that teleport. 

  • Match 3 = 6th Place. Gonna be honest team. I wasn't really even trying this round, but I did manage to still get an exile. I was more concentrated on skating, and in fact I completed my smooth skating quest for 10 gold from all the fleeing I did this round. :)

Why fight when you can just skate away?

And that was it for the night. At that point. it was time for bed, and I felt pretty good that 2 of my 3 quests were done for the day. I had purchased a super cool outfit that fit the Friendly Necromancer vibe. Yup, it was a short but sweet night in Spellbreak.

Happy Dueling!

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