Sunday, October 17, 2021

Spellbreak Week Day 4 -- You Exiled Yourself

Since I only finished one of my quests yesterday, the game simply added a new quest and kept my other two quests. "Triple Exile" was the new quest, which meant all I needed to do was Exile 3 people. Fair enough.

So, with it being Saturday, I logged on in hopes that the queue times would be lower than normal and that I could make some good progress. Here's how it rolled out.

  • Match 1 = 3rd place. 3rd place or 30th place seems to be where I'm ending up pretty consistently these days. It's a mood, but honestly I felt great about this match. I had 3 exiles and my frost arrow aim was on point. I just wish it would have been toxic damage, but that's fine since finishing that triple exile quest on the first match felt pretty good. . . I'll take it! This also allowed me to rank up to toxicologist rank 4. The damage I had dealt as a toxicologist wrapped over and all I needed was just 81 more points of toxicology damage, and that quest would be finished as well.
  • Match 2 = 7th place. I managed to get an exile, but at the end of the match I was surrounded by wizards with nowhere to hide. Thankfully I was able to FINALLY finish the toxic ruin quest and claim my 5 gold. After this it was time to switch to Conduit to start working on that last quest.

  • Match 3 = 16th place, but man was this a frustrating ending. I actually got stuck and couldn't get out of map view and the options UI. so I had to just sit there for a minute and die as a guy took me from full health to nothing . . . and I was just frozen in place. I was having such a great match to. Pressing escape brought me out of the map view into the options UI. Pressing escape from the options UI brought me to the Map view. I was stuck in a loop and there was no way to break free.

sigh . . . 

  • Match 4 = 31st place. Um, I jumped into a pit by accident and died . . . I'm an idiot.

"You exiled yourself"

  • Match 5 = 5th place . . . ok, this was a good match. I had lots of fun, did 508 damage, and reached conduit rank 4, which unlocked the Conduit card. My damage was evenly split between two elements, so just like that I was half way done with the 500 lightning damage quest. Obviously the dudes at the top of the leaderboard were there to play ball and were great at getting away from me, circling back, and then ultimately destroying me.

Intermission: It's was a Saturday, so I took a big break, ate, and went shopping with my wife. She also put me on a quest to clear her old iCloud account of pictures and save them to storage. Good times.

  • Match 6 = 5th place with 2 exiles, but eventually some wizzy in a really cool suit of armor got me. I reached mage rank 11 and got 50 gold and ended up with 405/500 conduit damage toward quest completion.

Chucking lightning is pretty fun

  • Match 7 = 36th place . . . yeah, I picked an early fight and didn't win. I literally got nothing out of this match. It happens.

  • Match 8 = 12th place with 279 damage dealt. I got in a couple good scraps, but didn't get any exiles. The main thing was that I completed my conduit damage quest and received 10 gold for my efforts on the battlefield. At this point there was another 15 minutes until the outfits in the shop cycled over, so I decided to switch to a class I hadn't played before: Tempest Wizard. 
  • Match 9 = 15th place with 330 damage. Not bad for my first foray as a Tempest Wizard. I didn't get an exile because right as I was about to exile a guy, another wizard swooped in and stole my kill . . . and then killed me.  That's battle royale for you! 

All in all, it was a good day of Spellbreak. The outfits in the shop rolled over while I was playing, and there was yet again a necromancer-esque outfit in the shop called "the Doom Prophet."

Doom Prophet is pretty close, but not really what I'm looking for.

. . . but just as the name implied, this was more "evil priest" than "necromancer," and since that leather strips over the hood look really isn't my jam, I took a hard pass.

Close, but it's not really hitting the right notes for me.

Happy Dueling!

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