Friday, September 17, 2021

Red Pinto Hatchback - Launched and Missiles on Target!

Tada! Two days ago, I launched a brand new collection of my new synthwave music! Check it out! 

As I discussed on other social media, I think my guy from Fiverr nailed the cover art based on my absolutely strange request. 

So many formative "musical" hours were spent driving around in my old Red Pinto Hatchback in the late 80's, listening to music, that it felt very apropos to immortalize it as my spacecraft in comic book form.

Recently I detailed a lot of my musical history last month with four posts:

In that last post, I kind of hinted at more to come!

"Who knows . . . I may just have another tape or two of music inside me still. I don't think my musical journey is quite done yet, regardless of any outcomes."

In fact, when I wrote that I was already knee deep finishing up this collection of music I'm called "Red Pinto Hatchback."

I paid for the distribution of this album through Distrokid, so you can find it on all kinds of sites now, including YouTube, Itunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Tik Tok, and more. That's right, you can make a Tik Toks using my music. CRAZY!

Thoughout the entire process, I've been getting a lot of great advice from my new musical ally, Adam Terry from the FountainAVM Record Label. I approached him early with my music still in draft form and tried to pick his brain on various aspects. I mean, I haven't put out a collection of my own music since the early 2000's, so there's quite a bit to catch up on for me. A LOT of things have changed. 

So, a new release from me has been a long time coming! In fact, I don't know if I even saw this in my future just a short while ago. The reactions I've been getting from friends and family have been pretty fun to watch.

One of the first people to contact me was my old musical ally, Sean. He played guitar on both of my Industrial albums and I played drums on a few of his tracks.  I hadn't really heard much from him for years and he hit me up in DMs to let me know how fun it was to hear my music again and that it brought back a lot of great memories.

Even my sister-in-law was doing the good work and being proud of me, sharing the music around to her friends, and I have to say . . . promoting music is the hardest part of the process, and probably the part I tiptoe around the most. I know people get tired of hearing artists hype up their latest works because I also get tired of it when I see it myself. Making the music is challenging and fun, but promoting it and not being annoying at the same time is a delicate balance that I'm trying to swing. 

Maybe eventually I could get some kind of mailing list / discord channel / something-like-that so I can spam the people that care the most. Until then, I have a lot more to share here on my blog with liner notes and lyrics and more. 

I'll be updating y'all when I get the music also loaded up on Bandcamp, but if you like the music, I really appreciate your support, your retweets, and your ears! I feel like I've slipped into a new era of music in my life and there's still more to come with me. I appreciate all the kind feedback and time spent considering the tracks that I'm laying down.

If you have any thoughts or just want to say hello, feel free to drop me a line in the comments!

Happy Dueling!

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