Sunday, September 26, 2021

Ding 19 Champions Online -- Cowboy Ghosts and Witchcraft!

Y'all, it finally is making sense in Champions Online.  All the strugglebus of levels 1-15 is gone, and I've found myself in a zone called Burning Sands where the quest progression is every bit a WoW clone as one would expect. I'm embracing this common sense turn of events and loving this new zone I've been questing in.

The pleasure has been all mine!

I'm also loving how quirky this zone is.  Yes, I've been hunting irradiated zombies, but I've also been taking down ghost and robot cowboys.  If Champions Online was Pirate101, this would be its Cool Ranch. I love me some Cool Ranch.

They're not regular ghosts -- they're COWBOY ghosts

Anyway, every quest I've completed is worth about one bubble of exp . . . therefore, complete 10 quests and you've pretty much leveled up. Now that I've worked through three of the major quest areas of Burning Sands (Abandoned Research Facility, Project Greenskin, and Burnside) and reached 19th level, I will say that I'm suddenly running into content that's a little bit ahead of me. I feel a bit under-leveled at the moment in Snake Gulch, but it's ok. I'm sure it'll work out.

The Abandoned Research Facility was mostly full of irradiated zombies where you were helping the scientists finish their research and save the poor, unfortunate souls who were infected. 

Burnside was a ghost town full of . . . ghosts! You also got to meet a new hero contact named "Witchcraft," whom you end up saving from a battle with her (sister? nemesis?) during an instance.

If there's anyone that can save Witchcraft, it's the Friendly Necromancer!

There was also really fun battle at the end of the Project Greenskin area with animated cutscenes, the fight basically consisted of blowing up 4 generators, blowing up the main supply of fuel, and then taking down an irradiated zombie boss named "Fallout" and his mini-army of undead summons.


My character's powerset is starting to feel pretty good now, but I still seem to struggle with targeting from time to time. I'm a "clicker" by nature (meaning, I like to click on enemies to target them) and probably would be better served using tab to select my targets. The only time I'm really dying out here now is when I swoop in with flight and accidentally aggro 6 enemies instead of the typical 3, but even then, with health drain powers 80% of the time I can still pull it off and win the scrap.

All in all, I'm glad I've stuck with Champions Online to this point. The game is starting to feel a lot more familiar, and I'm rapidly approaching the level 20 mark. It'll be fun to see what's in The Friendly Necromancer's future in this game.

Happy Dueling!

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