Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Ding 15 Champions Online -- Endgame is playing drums for The Maw

I managed to ding 15 in Champions Online and found my favorite instance in the entire game.

boots n cats n boots n cats

It's a seedy little bar full of lowlifes . . . and that's it. Who cares about any kind of super designed experience with special conditions and hand-crafted boss encounters? I just want to play drums for The Maw . . . you know what I'm saying?

I can autograph that pic for you if you'd like

Basically, yesterday's foray into Champions Online simply consisted of "choose a quest, complete a quest" and that's about it. Of course, I made some horrible choices because once again I ended up doing a duo instance solo, made it all the way to the boss and then got wrecked.

Who knew viruses were actually giant digital spiders

I mean, it was a super cool instance where you digitally were implanted into the mainframe of Socrates, which is (as I understand it) an advanced AI supercomputer found throughout Millennium City. I loved the whole Tron aesthetic, but it was tough and I didn't notice it was 2 player until I was already waist deep. I was still managing ok, so I went all the way to the end, only to get sent home packing.

OH! Another cool thing from yesterday . . . because of the anniversary, the game gave me a free vehicle.  Behold the purple dream machine!

Pretty slick ride for the cost of free

As it turns out, Champions Online has a whole vehicle system that seems pretty legit.  You can mod your car out, improve it, and even just use it to gun stuff down from above if you're so inclined.

pew pew pew!

It made me start looking around at the types of vehicles they offer and there's some really cool ones in the game.  I don't know how, but I must get this kind of evil levitating throne vehicle for The Friendly Necromancer.  It's pretty legit.

In other big news, I FOUND THE VENDOR THAT LETS ME SELL STUFF TO HIM!!! I was so happy about it I dropped one of those Anniversary disco balls and had a dance party with him because stumbling into him was legit the most difficult thing in the game so far.


I can tell that leveling is really starting to slow down here. Unlike DCUO where they want you to zoom through the content so you can get to the gear grind part of the game, Champions Online has a level cap of 40 . . . and then that's really it.  I was reading some stuff about end game in Champions Online and it seems a little to be expected: A small gear grind, some bosses, a lot of miscellaneous, and then the true end game: the fashion show.

I'm enjoying myself, so I'm going to keep playing. As per normal, I love to read your comments!

Happy Dueling!

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